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Auguste Meessen was born in 1932 near the Belgian-German frontier. He studied physics at the Catholic University of Louvain, where Georges Lemaître was one of his teachers. After his PHD, he was Research Associate at MIT, USA, and returned in 1962 to the UCL. He became there professor, teaching Quantum Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Solid State Physics and Didactics for physics teachers. He was also in charge of their continued formation by means of regular seminars. He began with nuclear experimental physics and did like experimentation as well as theory. Physics advances, indeed, by discovering new facts and explaining them. This requires to conceive plausible hypotheses and to draw consequences that can be tested. Research continued after 1996, as professor emeritus. Becoming aware of enigmatic phenomena and trying to understand them is, indeed, a marvelous scientific job.

Publications were related to research in three different directions: 1) Basic Physical Problems that require new approaches, 2) Science and Society calling for shared responsibilities, 3) Unconventional Flying Objects. They have often been observed, but are still mysterious. The main difficulty is always to separate facts from ideology. This appeared in an instructive way by studying the phenomenon of water memory.

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1. Basic Physical Problems

Explanation of Ball Lightning by Plasma Oscillations (2023)

Ball Lightning (BL) is a “plasma bubble” that has very remarkable properties. Its membrane contains a higher density of charged particles than the ambient medium. They are held together by mutually attracting surface charges, generated by collective oscillations of all unbound electrons inside the membrane. Energy losses by collisions and emission of radiation, as well as losses of charged particles by recombination, are compensated by extracting other ones from atmospheric air. Since that occurs in a special rhythmic way, this leads to “parametric amplification” of the oscillations of all unbound electrons in the plasma membrane. Moreover, BL is attracted by higher concentrations of charged particles in atmospheric air. Too much of them leads to explosion and too few to extinction of visible BL. Since the electric charge of BL is oscillating, it is also attracted by metals, water and glass. It can then heat, melt and vaporize these materials without stored energy. BL is even able to pass through window panes in 3 different ways, but that can also be explained.

Explanation of Cold Nuclear Fusion and Biotransmutations (2023)

Low energy nuclear reactions are possible in condensed matter because of image forces. They result from induced charges at the surface of metals or very polarizable media. The height and width of the Coulomb barrier in free space can thus be reduced. Nuclear fusion requires also the formation of a compound nucleus in one of its excited states, but two deuterons yield an α particle that has 2 excited states. They are respectively accessible at high or low energies. Since the reduction of the Coulomb barrier depends on the local curvature of the interface, cold fusion becomes autocatalytic, but heat production is controllable. Even microbes, plants and animals can produce transmutations. They are also due to image forces. This solves a basic problem in nuclear physics and there are possible applications: facilitated synthesis of superheavy elements and development of a new type of energy sources. They are moderate, but safe.

Virus Destruction by Resonance (2020)

Viruses and other microbes can be inactivated in a selective way by subjecting them to an oscillating electric field of adequate frequency. Royal R. Rife discovered this method already about 100 years ago. He proved its efficiency by means of high resolution microscopes and in 1934, by controlled clinically tests. However, these results seemed to be unbelievable, since the underlying mechanism was not yet understood. Actually, we are faced with three problems: 1) the functioning of Rife’s supermicroscopes, 2) his observation that bacteria can undergo size reduction, and 3) the decisive resonance phenomenon. We explain the high magnification and resolving power of Rife’s microscopes and show that new discoveries confirm that the postulate of invariable forms of bacteria has to be abandoned. Then we prove that forced oscillations of virus spikes lead to a peculiar resonance, because of nonlinear effects. It causes total destruction of the virus by rupture of its coating. The same theory applies to bacteria and nanobacteria, because of their pili. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the constant threat of unpredictable mutations and the now available explanations should make it obvious that biophysical methods cannot be neglected anymore.

Water Memory Due to Chains of Nano-Pearls (2018)

The experimentally proven reality of water memory was vehemently negated, since this phenomenon could not be explained within the framework of existing theories. We show that water molecules can constitute nano-crystallites, where they are strongly bound to one another with parallel effective dipoles. Since biologically active molecules contain electrically charged parts that can oscillate at very low frequencies, they do normally stimulate their specific receptors by resonance. However, they can also create chains of water pearls that resonate at the same frequency. These chains become then information carriers that are multiplied by autocatalytic processes and subsist when all active molecules have been eliminated.

Spacetime Quantization, Generalized Relativistic Mechanics, and Mach’s Principle (1978)

Spacetime Quantization, Elementary Particles and Cosmology (1999)

These articles were published in Foundations of Physics, since they show that it is possible and useful to modify the concept of a “space-time continuum”. The development of Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity told us already that Nature does impose restrictions on our measurements and that they are related to the existence of two universal constants (h and c). However, we are still using differential equations as if we were able know what happens at an “infinitely” small scale in space and time. We tried thus to find out if a very small, but finite limit (a) for the smallest measurable distance would lead to logical inconsistencies. It is only assumed that it is a universal constant. The first article proves that this is compatible with relativity and the second one that Space-Time Quantization (STQ) is physically useful.

Spacetime Quantization (2005)

This text was published in a special issue of Revista Portugese de Filosofia on “Space, Time and Evolution”. It presents the basic ideas of STQ in a brief and more philosophical way, by starting with the fact that physical laws are statements concerning possible knowledge, derived from measurements.

From Space-Time Quantization to Dark Matter (2017)

Accelerated Expansion of Space, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Big Bang Processes (2017)

Astrophysics and Dark Matter Theory (2017)

These articles were published in the Journal of Modern Physics. They present the theory of STQ in a detailed way and show why there appear new quantum numbers that specify properties of fields at the smallest possible scale in space and time. They are precisely those which are required to account for all known elementary particles, but also for a group of electrically neutral elementary particles, corresponding to  dark Matter. It is known to exist in great quantities in our universe, but these particles have not yet been produced by accelerators. However, dark matter particles that are orbiting in our galaxy can be intercepted and have already been detected by means of scintillators. The observed accelerated expansion of space, calling for dark energy, can also be explained and the finite value (hc/2a) of the total energy content of our Universe has cosmological consequences.

Elementary Particles Result from Space-Time Quantization (2021)

We justify and extend the standard model of elementary particle physics by generalizing the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. The usual assumption that space and time are continuous implies, indeed, that it should be possible to measure arbitrarily small intervals of space and time, but we ignore if that is true or not. It is thus more realistic to consider an extremely small “quantum of length” of yet unknown value a. It is only required to be a universal constant for all inertial frames, like c and h. This yields a logically consistent theory and accounts for elementary particles by means of four new quantum numbers. They define “particle states” in terms of modulations of wave functions at the smallest possible scale in space-time. The resulting classification of elementary particles accounts also for dark matter. Antiparticles are redefined, without needing negative energy states and recently observed “anomalies” can be explained.

Ball Lightning: Bubbles of Electronic Plasma Oscillations (2010)

Ball Lightning is a natural phenomenon that has outstanding properties. We described and explained them at the 10th International Symposium on Ball Lightning (Kaliningrad, Russia). The article was published in the proceedings (Journal of Unconventional Electromagnetics and Plasmas, India, 2012). It shows that local ionization of air and a strong transient magnetic field are sufficient to set electrons in motion. The required field does usually result from ordinary lightning and cooperates with the atmospheric electric field. The excited plasma oscillations organize themselves to constitute luminous bubbles. Their long lifetime results from mechanisms that compensate energy losses. Ball Lightning is actually moving around to collect ions and electrons, as long as possible.

Optical properties of thin metal films (1977)

Condensation of metal vapor on isolating substrates yields very thin granular films. They were said to have “anomalous” optical properties, since they differ from those of the same metals in their bulk state. An overview of experimental results is provided by P. Rouard, while A. Meessen explains them in terms of resonances. They result from collective oscillations of electrons inside very small metal particles. This article was published in Progress of Optics (Vol. VX).

Pulsed EM Propulsion of Unconventional Flying Objects (2012)

Evidence of Very Strong Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (2012)

Production of EM Surface Waves by Superconducting Spheres: A New Type of Harmonic Oscillators (2012)

A huge number of independent observations of “Unconventional Flying Objects” have been made worldwide and according to usual criteria in life-sciences, they are well-identified by their characteristic properties. However, the origin of these UFOs is unknown and they cannot be products of any know technology. Since this is not sufficient to deny the reality of this phenomenon, it should be studied by means of normal scientific methods. Available observations, including instrumental ones, can be used to discover at least the basic principles of a radically new propulsion system. The first article shows that this can be done by assuming that the external surface of these compact objects is constituted of some yet unknown material that is a high-temperature superconductor. This would allow for very intense electric currents, creating magnetic fields around these objects. Observations indicate that they oscillate at low frequencies, but a very strong oscillating magnetic field does create an oscillating electric field. Both fields exert together a force on electric charges, produced by pulsed ionization of the surrounding medium. This would yield an extremely flexible propulsion system, functioning in water as well as air. The second article examines more relevant evidence and the third one develops the theory of the oscillator, which is required to produce the external magnetic and electric fields. The UFO phenomenon could thus encourage and inspire the search for HT superconductors.

Principle of an EM Cancer detector (2003)

An electronic system for non-invasive EM cancer detection was empirically discovered and developed by Clarbruno Vedruccio. It is based on the interaction of very weak EM waves with living tissue. A handy probe is moved a few centimeters over the surface of the body, while the response is detected by a small antenna, situated about 2 meters away from the probe. The usually chosen frequency components of the emitted waves are 450, 900 and 1350 MHz and the corresponding spectral lines are displayed on the screen of a spectrum analyzer. Their relative heights are modified when the probe is near pathologically altered living tissue. Actually, the probe does stimulate electrical oscillators, which leads to energy losses. We explain that they are detectable, since the electronic system has non-linear properties of the van der Pol type.

2. Science and Society

Apprendre à penser autrement (1989)

This article was published in the Belgian Journal  Le Soir, just before the opening of the NATO Summit of May 29-30, 1989 in Brussels. Heads of State and Governments had to take important decisions concerning the arms race. The title of our appeal stems from Albert Einstein. It means that it is necessary to modify usual thinking and doctrines, since “without disarmament, there will be no lasting peace”. He wrote this already in 1932. In later publications, we did mathematically prove that when two sides are trying to protect themselves by increasing their armaments, because of fear of being destroyed, this can only lead to an exponential increase of the most destructive and deadliest armaments. The claim that “assured mutual destruction” can provide security is a dangerous illusion, since the resulting equilibrium becomes increasingly unstable. The final declaration at this 40th Anniversary of the Alliance did recognize that “our meeting takes place at a juncture of unprecedented change and opportunities”. It recalled that the aim is “stability and co-operation” and stated even that “in this time of unprecedented promise in international affairs, we will respond to the hopes that it offers.”

Zufall, Freiheit, Vorsehung (1975)

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Research of the Görres Gesellschaft is devoted to the dialogue between Science, Philosophy and Theology. The two first conferences that A. Meessen gave there were concerned with the problem of human freedom, since it is related to the concepts of determinism and probabilities. They were presented in the classical and quantum-mechanical sense. However, the fundamental problem that has been debated in the context of philosophy, theology and the study of human psyche or artificial intelligence is to solve a dilemma. How is it possible to explain why decisions, taken by intelligent beings in the most rational way, allow for freedom? It is shown that weighting arguments does not always lead to deterministic results. In cases of conflict, the most rational decision is probabilistic.

L’histoire peu connue de la bombe atomique (1985)

Four articles were published in in the weekly journal  Der Spiegel, to commemorate the use of atomic bombs in Japan, 40 years earlier. We translate essential parts of these articles, revealing that the use of nuclear weapons resulted from an ultra-secret agreement between Churchill and Roosevelt. We add other elements, like the opposition of scientists, documented by the Franck Report of 1945. It was discarded and even preceded by Churchill’s harsh refusal of the arguments presented to him by Niels Bohr. We analyze ideas that have been advanced to justify the arms race and the belief that “mutually assured destruction” could provide security. This doctrine is shortsighted, since the proclaimed equilibrium of terror is unstable. Moreover, past events tell us that fatal decisions can be taken by few persons, without any democratic control and without listening to those scientists who developed these arms to prevent possible disaster. Being preoccupied by the future of mankind, they proposed an option that could prevent the onset of an uncontrollable arms race. Peace can only be insured by creating a climate of justified confidence and promoting common interests. The aim should be cooperation, instead of opposition.

Apparitions and Miracles of the Sun (2003)

This extensive study of so-called “miracles of the sun” leads to the conclusion that they can be explained by means of natural physiological processes. In regard to “apparitions”, it resulted from meeting several seers and analyzing recorded facts that they can be attributed to altered states of conscience. This research was undertaken on demand, to find out if UFOs might be involved. The outcome was presented at the International Forum on “Science, Religion and Conscience”, organized by J. Fernandes in Porto on October 23-25, 2003.

L’Arche de l’Alliance: un condensateur électrique ? (2010)

The Belgian Journal Kadath is devoted to studies of Ancient and Prehistoric Civilizations and has an excellent reputation, but it had published an article on the Arc of the Covenant. It reiterated the thesis that it was a very dangerous electric condenser. We analyzed the facts that were reported in the Thora, Bible and Coran from the point of view of physics. We present here the original article, including colors. The black and white version appeared in Kadath, n° 106. Once again, it was necessary to separate fact from fiction. Even the survival of positive values of religions will require cleaning traditions from mythical elements.

L’action du vent sur l’eau pendant l’Exode (2013)

The research on the Arc of the Covenant raised other questions. We studied thus what had initially been written about the Exodus from Egypt, the personality of Moses and the miraculous passage through the Red Sea. We combined it with new findings on the geographical itinerary and the proposition that the Israelites could have traversed the sea at the Golf of Acquaah because of strong winds. This is plausible and indicates that Ancient History can be reexamined in a rational and nevertheless respectful way. This text was published by Kadath, online.

L’étoile de Bethléem (2011)

The story of three wise men that followed a ‘star’ to discover a new-born child in Bethlehem was investigated, since it could be true. Indeed, Babylonians were interested in observing the sky for astrological purposes and the Babylonian captivity of Israelites left there traces of a prophecy that predicted the birth of an outstanding King. The appearance of an unusual celestial body that was even so luminous that it was visible during day-time could thus have suggested to find out if astrological predictions are valid or not. This would be a scientific attitude and the famous ‘star’ could even be a comet, since Chinese records mention such a sighting in the year -5.

Évaluation du Risque Sanitaire des Antennes GSM à HM (2011)

To answer questions raised by persons that were concerned about possible dangers of planed microwave antennas, we studied this problem and found astonishing facts. Some danger is real, but prevented by legislation. Nevertheless, commercial interests led two companies to superpose 4 beams, even at the level neighboring habitations. The energy emitted by every beam did respect the letter of the law, but not its spirit for the ensemble of these beams. The project had thus to be stopped and the law should be amended.

3. Unconventional Flying Objects

Réflexions sur la propulsion des ovnis (1972)

This was the first article concerning the UFO phenomenon and the propulsion system of these mysterious objects. Actually, the author had been asked by one of his children if “flying saucers” are real or not. He admitted that he ignored the answer, but said that he would try to get more information. Incidentally, a “Society for the Study of Space Phenomena” had been created in Belgium at that time. Its objective was to examine the UFO phenomenon in a rational way and it did provide the opportunity to get rapidly access to many reports of serious observations. We saw that they raised important scientific problems. The first issues of the monthly publication of SOBEPS presented 3 attempts to explain UFO propulsion, but they did not agree with basic physical laws. Was it possible to propose a better theory? We found that the observations would require the creation of an electric and magnetic field, as well as ionization of the surrounding air. This theory was progressively developed later on.

Des signes de civilisations extraterrestres ? (1985/86)

A conference at the colloquium « Cosmos et Société », organized in 1984 by the Laboratory of Cultural Anthropology of the UCL led to this two part article, published inRevue des Questions Scientifiques. It presents some aspects of problems concerning possible ET visitors and mentions the model of Pulsed EM Propulsion (PEMP).

La Rotation des aiguilles de boussoles due aux ovnis (1994)

Pilots observed that magnetic compass needles did rotate when UFOs were nearby. This effect can be experimentally reproduced and theoretically explained, when we assume that these objects produce an oscillating magnetic field. The needle will then rotate at the same frequency, because of non-linear effects. We learned that an ensemble of peculiar and trustworthy observations did justify the PEMP model.

Étude approfondie et discussion de certaines observations du 29 novembre 1989 (1997…)

At the beginning of the extraordinary Belgian wave of UFO observations, the author had the opportunity to interview two gendarmes, who observed a motionless triangular UFO at close range. When it started to move, turned around and flew at very low altitude over the town of Eupen, they followed it and continued to observe it. It stayed during one hour over the high light-tower at the Gileppe Barrage and presented a “show” with periodically appearing horizontal light beams. The report did provoke fierce opposition of some Flemish skeptics, i.e. believers that UFOs cannot be real objects. They claimed that the gendarmes saw merely Venus, when they were driving towards the Gileppe and looking from a high viewpoint towards the tower. The testimony and our investigation of the events of November 29, 1989 were presented as being “misleading”. However, our detailed analysis of astronomical data did clearly prove that they were wrong. Other hypotheses to explain the initial observation and the horizontal beams were also examined and refuted. Moreover, the author realized a new detailed interview of the gendarmes and translated the major part of it from German to French. It is reproduced verbatim. Complementary investigations were realized in 2001 and 2008 since the skeptics did continue to negate the reality of the UFO phenomenon. The results are included in this article. Discussions were mutually respectful, but revealed the profound causes of divergent views.

Étude des mystérieux enregistrements des F-16 (2007)

As soon as the author had convinced himself that the extraordinarily frequent observations at the beginning of the Belgian UFO flap were real, he asked for access to radar observations at the national airport in Brussels. They disclosed the existence of two types of unnoticed spots. They appeared only from time to time, but were slowly moving in a systematic way. By analyzing the collected data, we established the meteorological origin of these signals: temperature inversions and local turbulences of humid air. We got also access to the radar data of the Belgian Air Force, situated at Glons and those of the second military radar system, situated in the Flemish part of Belgium. During the night of 30/31 March 1990, both military radars systems detected an anomalous echo. It came from an unidentified, but real reflector, slowly moving at an altitude of about 10000 feet. Two F-16 jets were scrambled to investigate. They did also detect radar signals and realized several times a lock-on, but the recorded data was very puzzling.

After a long study, we came to the conclusion that these signals were also due to “clear air turbulences” and that the electronic filters were partially ineffective, since interferences between actual signals did perturb the Doppler-velocity measurements. The general consequence of these investigations was that the triangular UFOs of the Belgian flap were not easily detected, even by very efficient radar systems. This might be due to the fact that these UFOs were visually observed as being motionless or moving very slowly at low altitudes, although they could also dart upwards with tremendous accelerations. Moreover, they had flat, reflecting surfaces and might use stealth technologies. The Belgian UFO flap began in an exceptionally intense way, shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall on November 8/9, 1989. It continued at a slower, but nearly constant pace from January 1990 to at least at March 1991. Why? It is reasonable to assume that it was an experiment, performed by an ET civilization that is visiting our Earth, to see how NATO and the European Commission, situated in Belgium, would react.

Le phénomène OVNI et le Problème des Méthodologies (1998)

This text is the answer to a paper that was published in the Revue Française de Parapsychologie. Hallet aggressively attacked those who try to study the UFO phenomenon in a scientific way, without excluding the extraterrestrial hypothesis. We show that the approach of so-called “skeptics” is radically different from normal scientific methodology. Actually, they are guided by their beliefs and preconceptions, instead of referring to reality.

Le cas de l’humanoïde de Vilvorde (2012)

It can happen, of course, that some UFO investigators are not self-critical enough. This open letter to Franck Boitte illustrates this fact for a case of 1973. We were present during the initial interrogation of the person that told us a story about a strange humanoid that he allegedly had seen during a night in his garden. This being had space-suits and did behave in a physically unrealistic way. We learned by a personal conversation, aside from the group, that this man had previously several “visions”. We advised therefore not to publish anything about this case, but the initial investigator thought the UFO phenomenon does have a paranormal origin. The story was published and Mr. Boitte reported on his own interview of this person, realized in 1978. He presented this case as if it were a close encounter with a UFO occupant and invented false reasons for our advice to drop this case. We had thus to protest and explained why this was merely an “awaken dream”.

Deux jets F-4 rencontrent un ovni à Téhéran (2007)

This case is outstanding, because of the reported UFO performances and the trustworthiness of the witnesses. They included the crews of two F-4 jets, using airborne radars. The investigation of this incident and the resulting interest of the US military authorities are well-documented. The essential conclusion is that this case does flatly contradict the claim that UFO observations are merely due to “fantasy prone personalities”.

Les mouvements oscillatoires des ovnis et leur explication (2011)

“Falling leaf motions” belong to the astonishing characteristics of UFOs. We collected thus a representative sample of relevant observations. It appeared that there also cases of rising pendulum-like oscillations and undulating horizontal motions. This led to a phenomenological description of these motions, suggesting some automatic internal regulation or intelligent control.

Interview d'Auguste Meessen (2012)

The answers provide an overview of ideas, studies and researches about the UFO phenomenon.

Réflexion sur le phénomène OVNI (2012)

We try to answer the important claim that the UFO phenomenon is absurd, since ET visitors should have finished their exploration of the Earth already long ago. Jacques Vallée proposed therefore that UFOs should not be considered as material objects of ET origin, but as belonging to some kind of supernatural realities. They would then not be subjected to physical laws. They would even elude any scientific explanation, but we show that this proposition is merely one hypothesis among 4 conceivable ones. It is preferred by those who replace tedious scientific studies by the assumption that these phenomena belong to the world of miracles or paranormal phenomena. We consider, on the contrary, that we can follow usual scientific methods. Actual observations have then to be collected, examined and explained as far as possible in terms of known physical laws. UFO propulsion offers a concrete possibility.

Où en sommes-nous en ufologie ? (2000)

This review was initially presented in a public conference of SOBEPS. It insists on the possibility of a scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, since the so-called “psycho-social explanation” applies only to some particular cases. It accounts also for the general cultural climate in regard to the UFO phenomenon, but not for its hard core. Instinctive fear of the unknown and especially of “aliens” with superior technologies is comprehensible, of course. We know too well how humans treated apparently uncultivated people. The natural psychological reflex is repression, the key concept of psychoanalysis. It attempts to exclude unwanted or frightening ideas from conscious perception, but does not solve the real problems. It is more adequate to recognize the true cause of anxieties and to learn to face reality. Authorities should investigate, but when they are not able to accomplish this task in an efficient way, they tend to escape from this embarrassing situation by debunking any possible evidence. The basic problem is to find out why aliens are here, without establishing open contact.

There is no evidence that they are looking for some types materials. This would even be unrealistic, since stellar nucleosynthesis produced the same type atoms at many places. To assume that aliens are observing the Earth, terrestrial life forms and even the evolution of a particular civilization is also insufficient. There has to be another motivation for an ET civilization that masters interstellar space travel. What is the most precious information in our Universe? It corresponds to the results of the thriving biological evolution by natural selection under various circumstances. Sorry, but that had to be expected. It is even necessary to face particular evidence, indicating why our “visitors” do not present themselves in an open way. They have an agenda and know that it might be perturbed if they did not continue to operate undercover. We present in this text some results of research conducted by a university professor, who studied the history of US investigations concerning the UFO phenomenon. David Jacobs did finally concentrate on collecting testimonies of abductees. It lasted many years and led to the conclusion that our visitors are engaged in a systematic program of hybridization. This is shocking, but is it better to keep our eyes frantically closed?

Politicians might say: “you can’t tell the people”, but this would only indicate helplessness. Available evidence indicates with non-negligible probability that ET visitors are not only collecting human DNA, but are using it to integrate human specificities in new beings. These hybrids are adding more variety to those that have been reported as belonging to their crews. As a physical scientist, the author is intrigued by a particular and consistently reported feature. Aliens are communicating with one another and with abductees in a non-verbal way. The word telepathy does not settle the resulting problem. There has to be a mechanism. Probably, it involves modulated electric fields. If this could be elucidated, it would be helpful to progress in these matters. It is at least a concrete question, related to the reported functioning of an alien society. Mental activities are shared and various tasks are executed with the same dedication as this is known for some insect societies. We are looking for traces of life that may have appeared on other planets, but why are we not examining what seems to be happening on Earth?